About Us



Whether a livestream show or an offline event, audiences these days discover the event online, purchase on mobile, and discuss on social media.

ZAIKO builds technology that allows the digitalization of events for artists, event organizers and content creators of all types. Using ZAIKO, they are able to hold global, digital events and provide interesting experiences for audiences.

ZAIKO offers the latest and best technology to anyone, no matter whether they are a large company or an independent artist, and we pay between 80%-97% of all revenue back to event organizers, including tickets, tips and subscriptions. ZAIKO only earns money when event organizers are successful, so we are committed to helping them build strong businesses.

As the world changes ZAIKO will continue to build new tools so that all clients always have access to the best technology to connect with their fans in a global and digital world.

Whether you are a record label, media company, independent artist or a fan, we hope that you choose to work with us.


Founder & CEO

Malek Nasser

Started and sold his first startup to Doubleclick in 2005. From 2006 - 2018 he acted as founder and CEO of 77hz Ltd.


Founder & COO

Lauren Rose Kocher

Started at legendary event company Kyodo Tokyo and then spent 6 years in business development at Sony Music Japan.



Takahisa Ueshima

After spending over 5 years in HSBC/MorganStanley as an equity analyst, moved to gaming industry. He spent 6 years in DMMGAMES as CFO/CSO.